If you have your own dictation/transcription platform we can adapt to it, but when possible we prefer to use our own.  There are several benefits to you including being able to integrate with your EMR.  Information can be applied in different ways which is explained more in detail below.  There are time/money savings and benefits explained in the QT section below.  In addition there are several ways to dictate as mentioned below.  Emdat is able to adapt in many ways to how you work, customizing your workflow, access, and best of all a free set up/integration for your EMR of choice.   Call us for a free demo or if you have any questions!! 

  Unique Benefits

    • Clinicians continue to dictate, maximizing physician productivity.

    • Convenient dictation options: phone, hand held digital recorder, mobile device or computer.

    • Free EMR interfacing that populates EMRs automatically.

    • Streamlined workflow. Transcriptions can be viewed, edited, electronically signed, printed, routed and auto-faxed online, 24/7.

    • Reduced transcription costs — Print Template lines and Qualified Text reduce total number of transcribed lines by as much as 35%, reducing fees by up to 50%.

    • Compliant with Meaningful Use guidelines and HIPAA regulations.

    • Free technical support.

    • No up front costs for speech recognition.

    • No monetary investments (software, maintenance plans), or capital expenditures (hardware) are required.

  • Deployment occurs rapidly — be up and running within two weeks.

 The Process

• Dictation is sent securely to our servers using InSync (a handheld digital recorder), InTouch (telephone) or Emdat Mobile (Apple iOS or Android mobile devices).

• Dictation files are automatically routed to available transcriptionists.

• Once transcription is complete, the file is automatically returned to our servers and moved to the next stage in the workflow specified within InQuiry.

• Administrators and physicians use InQuiry to view, edit, print, route, auto-fax and electronically sign transcriptions, as well as generate cover letters, patient letters and envelopes.

• Completed transcriptions are held in folders where they can be printed and filed in the paper medical record, printed and mailed to referring clinician transcriptions, exported to any EMR system.