How Does it Work?

- MDSI is a contract labor based corporation.

- All work is done from home with internet expenses being the responsibility of the contract laborer.

- An up-to-date computer, headphones and an Infinity USB footpedal are required to perform medical transcription and are the responsibility of the contract laborer. Computer must have Windows 10 or higher operating system.

- All MLS are asked to provide a schedule and adhere to that schedule as much as possible. While working from home does allow for distractions, MDSI requires that all MLS achieve a minimum line count each week/day to ensure turnaround times are met. 


- MDSI does hire new or recent graduates of accredited medical transcription programs but this is on an "as needed" basis as many of our accounts require a minimum of two years medical transcription experience.

- High Speed Internet Access is a must!

- Applicant must be responsible, dedicated and reliable.

Benefits to Contract Labor & Working From Home

- Taxes are your personal business.

- As a contract laborer there are no benefits offered. However, no taxes are taken from your paycheck.

- No gas or parking fees.

- No uniform or clothing cost.

- You can wear your slippers all day long if you like!

- Direct deposit available.

Job Opportunities

  • We are always looking for dedicated people who pay attention to detail.  
  • We require at least one weekend day, 4 hours a day/5 days a week and 4000 lines per week.  If you are not able to meet this schedule please do not apply
  • This is an Independent Contractor position only.  We ONLY use US based MLS.  
  • Please submit a resume via email only to mdsijobs@gmail.com with your interest. 

How to Apply

 Please e-mail resume to mdsijobs@gmail.com.