How Does it Work?

- MDSI is a contract labor based corporation.

- All work is done from home with internet expenses being the responsibility of the contract laborer.

- An up-to-date computer, headphones and an Infinity USB footpedal are required to perform medical transcription and are the responsibility of the contract laborer. Computer must have Windows 7 or higher operating system.

- All MLS are asked to provide a schedule and adhere to that schedule as much as possible. While working from home does allow for distractions, MDSI requires that all MLS achieve a minimum line count each week/day to ensure turnaround times are met. 


- MDSI does hire new or recent graduates of accredited medical transcription programs but this is on an "as needed" basis as many of our accounts require a minimum of two years medical transcription experience.

- High Speed Internet Access is a must!

- Applicant must be responsible, dedicated and reliable.

Benefits to Contract Labor & Working From Home

- Taxes are your personal business.

- As a contract laborer there are no benefits offered. However, no taxes are taken from your paycheck.

- No gas or parking fees.

- No uniform or clothing cost.

- You can wear your slippers all day long if you like!

- Direct deposit available.

Job Opportunities

  • Medical Data Services, Inc. is currently looking for full time Independent Contractor MLS, preferably with Emdat Inscribe experience but not required. An attention to detail and quality of work is a must. 
  • We require at least 4 hours a day/5 days a week and 4000 lines per week.  If you are not able to meet this schedule please do not apply
  • This is an Independent Contractor position only.  We ONLY use US based MLS.  
  • Please submit a resume via email only to cwsmds@gmail.com with your interest. NO PHONE CALLS. No partial emails without full or current information in them.
  • Starting pay will be dependent on experience, 6 cpl up to 6.5 cpl for typing and 3 cpl up to 3.5 cpl for editing.  

How to Apply

 Please complete the application and return per instructions. If you wish to attach a current resume, please feel free to do so. We do contact all former employers listed so please provide current information. You may e-mail your application to: cwsmds@gmail.com or  fax your application/resume to 866.389.2822.

Please contact the MDSI office at 580.429.3347 with any questions.

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